Phase 1

  1. Which politicians are considered corrupt by the public?
  2. Which politicians are not considered corrupt by the public?
  3. How does public perception of whether or not a politician is corrupt effect them getting voted in or not?
  4. What leads politicians to corruption? The system? Other politicians?
  5. Why are there so many politicians who accept bribes through campaign donations?
  6. Do the politicians who take bribes and governing in accordance to those bribes know they are hurting most Americans or are they tricking themselves into believing they are doing good?
  7. What resistance is there in place to stop politicians from becoming corrupt?
  8. How is corruption/bribery legal?
  9. Which side from the political spectrum benefits most from bribery?
  10. How can the public stand against corrupt politicians and corporations?
  11. Who is calling out corruption in news media?
  12. What policies are being held back by corrupt politicians that would help lower class families and individuals?
  13. What economic markets benefit most from the corrupt system?
  14. Who is benefitting most with in those economic markets?




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Britt Sease

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