Degree Project Proposal

Britt Sease

1. Design question

How might we use an anti-corruption branding campaign to raise awareness and increase opposition towards our current political system in the hopes of boosting quality of life for lower class families and individuals?

2. Sub-questions

  1. Which politicians are considered corrupt by the public?

3. Proposed audience

The audience could incorporate a variety of people and groups with in the US. The people who would be most effected by this are people who are most being screwed by corruption. People who need specific bills passed, or minds changed in order to be successful in America.

4. Learning outcomes

I would focus on how powerful people and corporations abuse the corrupt system to help themselves and leave everyone else behind. I want to do research on how they are allowed to bribe government officials legally, what specific changes go against the corrupt status quo that are looked down upon by them, what leads politicians to become corrupt, do they start out corrupt or do they slowly become corrupt over time?

5. Description of exploration

Finding sources that aren’t apart of the corrupt system and not pushing the status quo agenda will be the hardest part of the research, and the sources I find will help shape the direction I will go in with this project. I will look at strong anti corruption leaders like Gnome Chomsky for information.

6. Project significance

This is very significant because in my opinion corruption is the main problem in almost every single economic problem with in the US. It also goes into some social issues as well. Almost every major politically left leaning idea is being pushed away from the public eye by corrupt politicians, journalists, and business people. War, education, healthcare, prison, and many more topics that need major changes are constantly being pushed back to the status quo and the main reason is due to corruption.



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